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Written by Iceland Review   
Sunday, 13 February 2011 19:30

Iceland’s MindGames on a Roll

The Icelandic startup company MindGames became the first company in the world to sell an iPhone application, called Tug of Mind, which is controlled by the user’s brainwaves, in December.

As described in a press release, the application is designed for the user’s entertainment while at the same time helping him or her to learn to relax in stressful situations.

To play it an innovative brainwave tool is required, which transmits information to the game based on real time measurements of the user’s brainwaves. The technology is based on EEGs, which have been used in medicine since 1924.

In the same month, the company received a grant from the Ministry of Industry’s Technology Development Fund to develop additional iOS games.

MindGames' 2009 summer student interns are currently finalists for the President of Iceland’s Innovation Prize, for their role in developing the first multi-player brainwave-controlled computer game on Facebook, Gods and Mortals, which will soon be up for user testing.

“The past months at MindGames have been especially enjoyable. […] We have been lucky to receive excellent support and invaluable advice from experienced pioneers, various individuals from within the industry and other startups,” commented Deepa Iyengar, the company’s managing director.


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Tango Extremo Show Coming Up in Iceland PDF Print E-mail
Written by Iceland Review   
Sunday, 13 February 2011 17:00

The Dutch orchestra Tango Extremo is currently on tour. On February 16 the orchestra will perform their latest project, “Viva la Vida!”, a tribute to love in its strength and fragility, at Idnó in Reykjavík and promises “an evening full of passionate Argentinean tango.”


 Shortly after its creation in 2003, Tango Extremo became Europe’s leading tango orchestra, a press release states. 

Tango Extremo has played all around The Netherlands and is also touring non-stop in the rest of the world: Spain, France, Mexico, the UK, Belgium, Turkey, Kurdistan, Croatia, South Korea, Uruguay, Russia, China, Botswana, South Africa and many other countries.

In August 2009 Tango Extremo was the only non-Argentinean orchestra playing at the most prestigious tango venue in the world: the Buenos Aires Tango Festival in Argentina.

The show in Idnó will be in two parts: from 7:30 to 8:30 pm there will be a concert by Tango Extremo and from 9 to 11 pm the original Argentinean tango dance Milonga will be performed and everyone is welcome to join in.


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New Exhibition in i8 Gallery PDF Print E-mail
Written by Iceland Review   
Sunday, 13 February 2011 14:00

The group exhibition “Three Parts Whole” by Finnbogi Pétursson, Hrafnkell Sigurdsson and Ívar Valgardsson, opened at the i8 Gallery in Reykjavík on Thursday. The exhibition is intentionally diverse.

New Exhibition in i8 Gallery

 Pétursson’s suspended video camera swings like a pendulum as it briefly displays its own “view” on a monitor, as well as his time-based pencil drawing on the wall, a press release describes.

Meanwhile Sigurdsson’s “enthralling photographs” of sculpture-like chunks of ice and snow fallen from automobiles and his photographic construction display distant mountains, the sky and an exploding volcano.

And Valgardsson’s “spare yet captivating wall works” made of aluminum, along with a large crumpled blue ball fashioned from a single sheet of painted paper, reveal distinct, highly idiosyncratic artistic sensibilities.

“On one level a celebration of pure visual pleasure, ‘Three Parts Whole’ also celebrates the multifaceted ‘conversation’ that develops between the participating artists,” the press release states.

The curator, Gregory Volk, is a New York-based art critic and curator, as well as an Associate Professor at the School of the Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia.


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Stormy Weather: Coach Locked out in his Underwear PDF Print E-mail
Written by Iceland Review   
Sunday, 13 February 2011 12:12
Stormy Weather: Coach Locked out in his UnderwearThe storms that have been going over Iceland the past few days have lead to many rescue missions in the middle of the night. Baketball coach Örvar Kristjánsson who lives in Njardvík (next door to Keflavík) heard the lid on his hot tub was blowing off. Being a brave man, the coach went out immediately to securely fasten the lid by putting a brick on top. All the while the winds were blowing very hard.

After accomplishing his mission coach Kristjánsson wanted to return to his bed. Then he saw that while he was fighting with the lid, the storm had blown locked the door, leading from the warm and safe bedroom to his wind swept garden. It was at this point the coach realized that he was wearing only his underwear. He was alone in the garden, practically naked, and nobody was inside.

Before going out it probably was not much of a decision to put on any clothes. Who would care in the middle of the night? Now the coach had to make the difficult decision of who of the neighbors it would be safe to wake up. And how would they accept a practically naked man coming out of the storm?

“In the US I would probably have been shot knocking on the door in the middle of the night like that,” coach Kristjánsson told Víkurfréttir. “But my next door neighbors are wonderful people and let me in. They laughed like crazy though.” The weather had woken up another neighbor who could also follow the amusing show from his window.

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Morgunbladid Apologizes Over Story Linking Wikileaks and DV to “Spy Computer” PDF Print E-mail
Written by Iceland Review   
Saturday, 12 February 2011 18:53

Morgunbladid Apologizes Over Story Linking Wikileaks and DV to “Spy Computer”

On January 31 Morgunbladid published a story linking the so-called “spy computer” found in Althingi, Iceland’s Parliament, to a journalist at DV, a Reykjavík newspaper. The story stated that the journalist, Ingi Freyr Vilhjálmsson, was a suspect in the police investigation. Consequently police stated that this was false and Morgunbladid apologized to Vilhjálmsson. Morgunbladid Apologizes Over Story Linking Wikileaks and DV to “Spy Computer”

According to Morgunbladid’s sources, the Althingi ‘spy computer’ was of the same make as a computer confiscated by the police in February last year in connection with the arrest of a 17-year-old boy. 

The boy was suspected of having stolen data from the computer of a lawyer representing well-known individuals, such as businessman Karl Wernesson and footballer Eidur Smári Gudjohnsen (see that story here), and selling them to a journalist at the tabloid newspaper DV.

According to Morgunbladid, the boy is now working for Wikileaks in London. He is said to have been uncooperative with the police, refusing to hand over a code necessary for unlocking the computer found at Althingi.

On Friday, February 11 Morgunbladid issued a second apology to Vilhjálmsson, saying that was false that journalist Vilhjálmsson had paid the boy to break into the computer.

As a part of a settlement in the case Morgunbladid took out a full page ad in three newspapers, DV, Fréttabladid and Fréttatíminn on Friday. The ad carries the paper’s apology over the front page story.

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