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Written by Iceland Review   
Saturday, 31 December 2011 11:00

nanna3-dl I don’t buy into clairvoyance, true story. I’m not sure how many Icelanders believe it either, not many I don’t think, but still we indulge the annual tradition, Völuspá, whereby the nation’s psychics are asked to predict what is on the horizon for the year to come.

As with most “psychics” this is a numbers game, i.e. they make plenty of predictions, if one of them comes true—boom, they claim they are the “real deal”. 

This year however, they have disappointed me more than usual. Mostly because a majority of the things they have “predicted” have already come true!

For example, one of the predictions is that this will be a great year for Icelandic music with international successes for musicians Mugison and Björk, and the bands Sigur Rós and Of Monsters and Men.

Björk is not only already internationally famous, as is Sigur Rós, but Björk’s recently released album Biophilia is already a critically acclaimed success! Not mentioning that Sigur Rós announced only last month that they were releasing their long awaited and highly anticipated next album in the spring of 2012!

Honestly, this is just lazy predicting.

Then there’s Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson being elected president again. Puh-lease, we all know he’s going to run again. I mean he loves all the attention, and he gets to live in the coolest house in town and feel morally superior for rejecting IceSave over and over. Now we have the ESA on our ass, thanks for that Ólafur.

If the psychics had any cojones they’d say someone new would be voted in as president, someone unexpected and fun, a woman even!

The rumor of the coalition government of Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir coming apart has been circulating ever since she first came into office, they keep predicting this over and over, year after year, eventually this coalition government will end, this is a democracy after all it can’t go on forever! 

They continue by saying that there will be an election and a center-right coalition government of the Independence Party and the Social Democrats will come to power.

This is because Icelanders have the political memory of a goldfish and vote against their own self interest regularly. If the Independence Party won, the party that bankrupted our nation and put us on the forefront of corruption lists, it would prove beyond any doubt that Icelanders have the political memory of a goldfish. Oops did I say that already? I must have forgotten.

TV station Skjár1 will close and extensive changes will take place at the media company 365, owned by Jón Ásgeir Jóhannesson.

Obviously there will be changes at 365, the owner was found guilty of tax fraud, two weeks ago! I heard rumors that Skjár 1 was unprofitable three months ago, whether it’s true I can’t say but what is almost certainly true is that me and the nation’s finest boloney talkers (aka psychics) almost certainly heard the same gossip.

Film director Baltasar Kormákur will have success they say finally.

Well obviously, his English language film, ‘Contraband’, starring Hollywood heavyweight Mark Walhberg comes out in January. Even if it isn’t a blockbuster hit, Baltasar will be considered a success in Iceland because he did something quite spectacular by getting Icelandic talent out into the world. Incidentally he also has a deal with Working Title and more movies in the pipeline, but no, no, no, the spirit world told the psychics that he would be a success, it has nothing to do with him already being a success or having impending films due to go out  next year.

What utter bollocks!

You know what’s so great about being a skeptic, besides the rants of course, I get to greet the New Year with the knowledge that some things are predictable and some things are a complete mystery and no one knows what waits yonder.

We don’t have to be afraid of what’s to come; we can go out and make our own 2012 then deal with the bad stuff as it happens.

Now let’s go cease New Year’s Eve!

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