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Written by Iceland Review   
Monday, 19 December 2011 18:00

It is unclear whether Icelanders will enjoy a white Christmas this year or whether Christmas will be red, or snowless. “There will probably mostly be sleet or snowfall,” said meteorologist Einar Magnús Einarsson at the Icelandic Meteorological Office.

Red or White Christmas in Iceland?

White Christmas in Akureyri in 2009. Photo by ESA.

Einar stated that the weather is expected to be changeable throughout this week and windier than it has been so far this month, reports.

Today conditions are dangerously slippery in many parts of the country, the West Fjords, northeast and east Iceland. In the south and west roads are also completely or partially icy and in some places covered in snow.

Snowfall and windy conditions were predicted in the west today but little precipitation in the east. The temperatures are expected to drop to 0 to -7°C (32-19°F) tonight, with the frostiest conditions forecast for the northeastern countryside.

For weather forecasts go to and to to check road conditions.


Last Updated on Tuesday, 20 December 2011 12:26

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