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Written by Iceland Review   
Wednesday, 14 December 2011 19:30

A vehicle rear-ended another outside the store Vöruval in the Westman Islands, south Iceland, yesterday. The owner of the car that was hit had gone into the store. When he returned he saw what had happened and noticed that a dog sat behind the wheel of the car causing the collision.


Archive photo by Egill Már Arnarsson.

“The car in which the dog sat is automatic and the engine was running. The dog probably put it in gear so that it hit the vehicle that was in front of it,” a local policeman explained to, adding that only minor damages had been caused.

“The case is mostly solved but a testimony will be taken from the reckless driver at the first possible opportunity,” he added tongue-in-cheek.

Fréttablaðið reported yesterday that proportionally the highest crime rate in Iceland is in the Westman Islands.

A commentator to the dog story wrote it is no wonder, now that local pets have also started to commit crimes: “[The dog] both caused a collision and probably neither wore a seatbelt nor had a driver’s license.”


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