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Written by Iceland Review   
Tuesday, 02 August 2011 18:05

The numbers of Icelandic nurses applying for licence to practise in Norway are 17 times higher than in 2008; the nurses go for seasonal work working double-shifts day after day.

Icelandic Nurses to Work Temporarily in Norway

Overview of Landspítali hospital in Reykjavík. Photo by DOM

Most of the nurses I work with in the Emergency Room have gone to Norway for a week or 10 days and made about half a million Icelandic krónur (USD 4300 or EUR 3000), Lilja Bolladóttir told Morgunbladid; she is one of many nurses applying for a licence to practise in Norway.

Flights and accommodation are paid for by the Norwegian hospital and for the short work periods, nurses work double-shifts day after day and sleep in-between shift; the money they make is not much higher than they could earn in an Icelandic hospitals for a double-shifts, reports

“There is too much uncertainty in the Icelandic health care system and the pressure medical staff is under is expected to continue. No one knows what to expect,” Elsa B. Fridfinnsdóttir, chairman of the Nurses Union told Morgunbladid. Wards are mostly understaffed and medical staff is under a great deal of pressure on daily basis.

“Medical staff in Icelandic hospitals can expect wards to be closed or changes in opening hourse to announced at any given moment in the present state,” Fridfinssdóttir told Morgunbladid.

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