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Written by Iceland Review   
Sunday, 13 February 2011 14:00

The group exhibition “Three Parts Whole” by Finnbogi Pétursson, Hrafnkell Sigurdsson and Ívar Valgardsson, opened at the i8 Gallery in Reykjavík on Thursday. The exhibition is intentionally diverse.

New Exhibition in i8 Gallery

Ívar Valgardsson, “Watercolour” (2011).

Pétursson’s suspended video camera swings like a pendulum as it briefly displays its own “view” on a monitor, as well as his time-based pencil drawing on the wall, a press release describes.

Meanwhile Sigurdsson’s “enthralling photographs” of sculpture-like chunks of ice and snow fallen from automobiles and his photographic construction display distant mountains, the sky and an exploding volcano.

And Valgardsson’s “spare yet captivating wall works” made of aluminum, along with a large crumpled blue ball fashioned from a single sheet of painted paper, reveal distinct, highly idiosyncratic artistic sensibilities.

“On one level a celebration of pure visual pleasure, ‘Three Parts Whole’ also celebrates the multifaceted ‘conversation’ that develops between the participating artists,” the press release states.

The curator, Gregory Volk, is a New York-based art critic and curator, as well as an Associate Professor at the School of the Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia.

The exhibition runs through April 2.

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